About Us

    Why Choose Us?
    Sterling DiSanto and Associates has a dedicated staff of experienced appraisers specializing in commercial, industrial, multi-family and special purpose properties.
    Our Strengths
    We use our market knowledge, meticulous research and years of experience to help our clients solve real estate problems.
    Our Mission
    Our mission is to help you make the best possible informed real estate decisions.
    Our Achievements
    We have helped our clients in a variety of ways including financing, condemnation, tax appeal, estates, leasehold and leased fee valuation, insurance, partnership and corporate dissolution, and property disposition.
    Geographic Areas Served:
    Sterling DiSanto and Associates has appraised all types of properties along the Jersey Shore, all of central and northern New Jersey and into southern Connecticut.

    Commercial Real Estate Appraisers: Est. 1946

    Sterling DiSanto & Associates is the third generation of one of the oldest Real Estate Valuation firms in New Jersey.   We have appraised all types of real estate throughout New Jersey, from modest downtown retail stores to the world headquarters of some of the largest corporations in the country.  These appraisals have been used by our clients for eminent domain, tax appeals, estate valuation, charitable donations, equitable distribution, financing, disposition and other purposes.
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